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Charlotte NC Condo Search

Whether they commute, are retired, or just don't want the upkeep, everyday more people choose condominium and townhome lifestyles over traditional homes. There's a lot to be said for both condos (where you only own your inside unit) and townhouses (where you own your external building and the ground under it.) Most are maintenance-free, have every amenity you could ask for, and are usually much less expensive than a home and land would be.

Charlotte and the nearby towns of Waxhaw, Weddington and Marvin all have great condo and townhome communities. Use our super easy MLS Search tool to browse through the available units and let us know if you find something you'd like to see. Maybe it will be a golf course condo, a water view townhome, or an inexpensive loft for your college student. Whatever you're looking for in a condo, Charlotte offers it.